SAF works with Elliott Group to complete modular building project for world-renowned performing arts school


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SAF is thrilled to announce that, alongside modular build specialists Elliot Group, we have completed a new state-of-the-art dance and theatre SAF have played an instrumental role in aiding renowned independant performing arts school, Bird College, in funding their state of the art modular two storey dance studio and classroom facility as provided by leading modular facility provider, Elliot.

Working in conjunction with Elliot, Bird College sought to further develop their campus as part of a continued programme of growth and expansion. Elliot’s unrivalled experience in designing and providing educational facilities coupled with SAF’s extensive experience and flexible approach to the funding of modular assets, provides Bird College with a cost-effective solution that enables income generation form the facility to far outweigh the funding costs over a 5-year period.

SAF work diligently not only to understand the key financial considerations of private sector customers, proving ‘the right’ solution, but also to ensure that transaction process progresses in a timely manner with clear, professional communication, enabling the order and consequently the project to be delivered on time.

As is the case with off-site modular construction, speed of construction is a key benefit and Bird College are looking forward to having their purpose-built facility available for the school year ahead. “A key moment for continuing development of the College, exciting times!” – Shirley Coen, CEO Bird College.

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